Question for you...

What if you could confidently empower, inspire and facilitate deep transformation with Human Design?

You know first-hand how game-changing Human Design has been in your own life, and in the lives of so many others.

And now you want to share this wealth of knowledge and wisdom to both empower and better serve your own clients or others around you...

If you feel called to help others reclaim their power and want to deep transformation through this life changing system - keep reading!

Here's the problem.

You know that in order to be able to confidently serve others with Human Design, you still need to build a solid foundation of knowledge and the practical skills to actually use it, but...

  • You've tried learning Human Design on your own, but finding clear, organized and comprehensive information is nearly impossible.

  • The other programs you've come across require significant financial ($$$) or lengthy time commitments, and you want more accessible options without sacrificing quality.

  • You were disappointed by the programs you invested in, and received close to no study resources or support on how to actually communicate or use your knowledge.

  • You've joined other programs or Human Design Facebook Groups only to be met by dogma, criticism and condescending attitudes, which left you feeling discouraged.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

Imagine how it would feel if you could...

  • Gain a solid foundation of knowledge of Human Design and practical skills in an organized, engaging and interactive way.

  • Give mind-blowing and transformative Human Design Readings that leave others feeling seen, heard and validated for who they are at their core.

  • Take your coaching practice to the next level with a deeper way to empower, understand and identify your clients' self-limiting patterns.

  • Feel more confident in effectively communicating, sharing and developing your own unique voice in Human Design, and have a support system that has your back.

  • Build an in-demand business helping others come back home to themselves, gain more clarity and direction, and bring more meaning and purpose into their lives.

  • Empower your friends, family and clients to recognize and appreciate their unique gifts and abilities, and purpose in this lifetime.

If you want to learn how to confidently empower, inspire and facilitate deep transformation with Human Design, I have something for you...


The Human Design Reader Certification!

A Hybrid Self-Paced Human Design Reader Certification & 4-Month Group Coaching Experience for Conscious Coaches & Aspiring Readers Who Want To Integrate, Empower and Create Impact With Human Design.

Here's what THDA Graduates have said about working with Krystle:

"Being mentored by Krystle was one of the best decisions I made..."

April S. (@aprilsbeautifulmess)

Being mentored by Krystle was one of the best decisions I made when it came to not only understanding my human design, but also integrating it into my coaching practice to help my clients reach their full potentials. Krystle’s approach to teaching Human design is so down to earth and easy to understand. She creates such a safe space for you to ask any questions, and trust me, there a lot because of how complex it all seems at first! In just a few weeks of working with Krystle, I was already able to begin creating my own human design blueprints for my clients and comfortably explaining it so that it was impactful and inspiring, just the way Krystle had done for me. I would 100% recommend working Krystle and her Human Design Academy whether you’re a newbie or someone who wants to deepen their knowledge of human design! She will not only show you how to bring out the best in yourself, but for your future clients as well!

"I now feel more confident in providing readings and I’ve actually learned more about my self through the process."

Kierrah F. (@kierrahflipping)

You have no idea how thankful I am for you! After over a year of self study and application this was the perfect course to really tie it all together for me, on one place vs my messy scratch notes I’ve pulled together over the year. Your course is so easy to follow and practical. I simply LOVE the quick reference guides, they help when I start to over think and just need a quick reminder to get me back on track with my thoughts. I now feel more confident in providing readings and I’ve actually learned more about my self through the process. I always have my personal chart up as I go along so it’s been therapeutic for me as well.

"Krystle is an amazing mentor and super supportive!"

Ashley S. (@jasindayen)

I came across The Human Design Academy a few times on Instagram and immediately felt a pull for me to message Krystle and set up a Human Design reading. I am so glad I did because after the reading I signed up for the THDA course right away! The modules for the course are super easy to navigate and I love that Krystle took the time to create pdfs for you to download so that you can refer to them when you need to. Krystle is an amazing mentor and super supportive! She is there to answer all your questions and she is just an overall lovely person. I am so grateful to THDA for all the knowledge that I learned, and I can’t wait to share it with the world. I highly recommend The Human Design Academy to anyone that would love to deep dive into the world of Human Design. If you feel it in your gut, give it a shot! Ha-ha. Thank you so much to Krystle and her team for creating such an awesome program!

"The Human Design Academy has increased my love for the Human Design system."

Alexus M. (@lexdecoded)

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you so much for creating The Human Design Academy! First and foremost, it was extremely refreshing to see someone I resonated with teaching Human Design and offering a certification course. From watching your YouTube videos, I could tell that you were extremely passionate about Human Design and teaching others in a way that was open, inviting, and a safe space. The Human Design Academy is an AMAZING certification program that I 1000% recommend to anyone who is interested in not only learning more about HD, but also using Human Design in your own authentic way via readings, blueprints, or whatever you're called to. The Human Design Academy has increased my love for the Human Design system. Everyone from my cohort is awesome and super helpful! I love the setup of the course - Krystle, you can truly see how much effort and energy was put in to create such a great experience. From the detailed videos and modules that are super clear to the biweekly group calls to have any of our questions answered. This course truly WOWs me. Thank you so much Krystle, for all that you do for THDA. I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of the inaugural cohort and to continue to learn with you even beyond my HD certification. Please keep up the amazing work and I look forward to witnessing The Human Design Academy grow to astronomical heights.

"If you are thinking to do a Human Design course - don't look further..."

Alexandra H. (@alexandra_guru)

I chose to work with Krystle because her style and explanation of HD was captivating. She explained everything with ease and flow and it finally made sense all that data about HD. The Academy was not only another 'lonely' online course but actually so much more than a course - it was a community with Live support, Q&A, and trackers to keep you motivated on your HD journey and updated on your progress. As I went deeper in the integration I also started to offer HD readings for my coaching clients as part of their transformation journey. It was such a thrill to witness them having these 'breakthroughs and soul activations. As the weeks gone by I felt I'm gaining solid knowledge and becoming confident offering soul activation readings for strangers as well, it's the best feeling!!! If you are thinking to do a Human Design course - don't look further The Human Design Academy and Krystle is the real deal where you will find deep know-how, support, knowledge, and a cool community to hang out with fellow HD lovers!

"Thank you for creating a safe space for us to go deeper in understanding our own human design, reflect and share our experiences."

Kamissa G. (@champagnelifesociety)

I’m very grateful for you, Krystle. Thank you for creating THDA and this amazing 4-month experience. This experience allows me to understand, love and accept myself fully and deeply. The content is amazing and easy to digest. The best part of this certification are the live calls. Thank you for creating a safe space for us to go deeper in understanding our own human design, reflect and share our experiences. I came across your Youtube channel after a random such on Human Design, immediately fell in love with your presence and pretty much signed up for the course on the same day. This was one of the best decision of my life. I’m looking forward to starting my readings and integrating your teaching in my life and my business. Thanks for being an amazing mentor.

"Her course allowed me to dive deeper and learn how to create readings that empower and elevate..."

Kimberly Ann (@slayingitforward)

I’m so grateful for Krystle & the Human Design Academy! I’ve been interested in Human Design for awhile, but her course allowed me to dive deeper and learn how to create readings that empower and elevate others in sessions that are custom to their experiences!!

"THDA is by far my favourite course that I’ve ever taken and I was so excited to receive my certification."

Nicole T. (@nicoletowers_)

The course was such a beautiful balance of educational knowledge, practical learning and support. As a coach I was drawn to Human Design and knew that I wanted to use it as a tool in my coaching to understand my clients on a deeper level. I was drawn to Krystle’s energy and her style of teaching Human Design in such a clear and concise way. I am so passionate about Human Design that it’s now become the focus of my business. I’ve attracted the most aligned clients because I’m now doing what lights me up and I have already made back the investment in the course from doing Human Design readings. Whether you’re thinking about learning Human Design as a tool of self-discovery, in your coaching practice or to confidently read charts, this is the program for you. I’ve felt so supported by Krystle in our group calls and also in the Facebook community. It’s also been amazing to connect with the community of likeminded people from all around the world to chat about our experiences with Human Design. My 1/3 profile has meant that I’ve studied a lot, taken a lot of courses and have a double degree but THDA is by far my favourite course that I’ve ever taken and I was so excited to receive my certification. Thank you so much Krystle for this amazing program that you have created.

Enrollment for this round of Reader Certification is now closed.

Join the no-commitment waitlist to save $300-off the Spring 2022 enrollment, and follow us on Instagram @thehumandesignacademy to get all the latest news and updates.

Here's how it all breaks down...

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to THDA

    • THDA Student Manuals, Study Workbook & Integration Journal

    • Recommended Books

    • Recommended Self-Study Schedule

    • Other Human Design Resources & Tools

    • Monthly Group Calls

    • THDA Certification Requirements

  • 2


    • 1.1: Origins of the Human Design System

    • 1.2: Human Design Mandala

    • 1.3: BodyGraph

    • 1.4: Pulling a Human Design Chart

    • 1.5: Module 1 Quiz

  • 3


    • 2.1: Introduction to Type

    • 2.2: Generator Aura

    • 2.3: Manifesting-Generator Aura

    • 2.4: Projector Aura

    • 2.5: Manifestor Aura

    • 2.6: Reflector Aura

    • 2.7: Type Reference Material

    • 2.8: Module 2 Quiz

  • 4


    • 3.1: Introduction to Strategy

    • 3.2: Generator - Wait to Respond

    • 3.3: MG - Wait to Respond + Inform

    • 3.4: Projector - Wait for the Invitation

    • 3.5: Manifestor - To Inform

    • 3.6: Reflector - Wait a Lunar Cycle

    • 3.7: How to Experiment with Strategy

    • 3.8: Module 3 Quiz

  • 5


    • 4.1: Introduction to Authority

    • 4.2: Emotional Authority

    • 4.3: Sacral Authority

    • 4.4: Splenic Authority

    • 4.5: Ego Authority

    • 4.6: Self Authority

    • 4.7: Mental Authority ("No Authority")

    • 4.8: Lunar Authority

    • 4.9: Authority Reference Material

    • 4.10: Module 4 Quiz

  • 6


    • 5.1: Introduction to Energy Centers

    • 5.2: Head Center

    • 5.3: Ajna Center

    • 5.4: Throat Center

    • 5.5: G-Center

    • 5.6: Heart Center

    • 5.7: Sacral Center

    • 5.8: Emotional (Solar Plexus) Center

    • 5.9: Spleen Center

    • 5.10: Root Center

    • 5.11: Energy Centers Reference Material

    • 5.12: Module 5 Activity

    • 5.13: Module 5 Quiz

    • BONUS: The 9 Centers Guide (E-Book)

  • 7


    • 6.1: Introduction to Readings

    • 6.2: Structure of a Reading

    • 6.3: Preparing for a Reading

    • 6.4: Delivering a Reading

    • 6.5 Other Coaching Skills for HD Readers

    • 6.6: Common Obstacles for New Readers

    • 6.7: HD Reader Toolbox

    • BONUS: Human Design Blueprint (Customizable Canva Template)

  • 8


    • Integration Phase Instructions

    • Mock Reading #1

    • Practice Reading #1

    • Submit Self-Assessment Form

  • 9


    • 7.1: Introduction to Definition

    • 7.2: Single Definition

    • 7.3: Split & Multi-Split Definition

    • 7.4: Definition Reference Material

    • 7.5: Module 7 Quiz

  • 10


    • 8.1: Introduction to Profiles

    • 8.2: The 6 Lines

    • 8.3: Profile Types

    • 8.4: Resonant vs. Dissonant Profiles

    • 8.5: Investigator Martyr (1/3 Profile)

    • 8.6: Investigator Opportunist (1/4 Profile)

    • 8.7: Hermit Opportunist (2/4 Profile)

    • 8.8: Hermit Heretic (2/5 Profile)

    • 8.9: Martyr Heretic (3/5 Profile)

    • 8.10: Martyr Role Model (3/6 Profile)

    • 8.11: Opportunist Role Model (4/6 Profile)

    • 8.12: Opportunist Investigator (4/1 Profile)

    • 8.13: Heretic Investigator (5/1 Profile)

    • 8.14: Heretic Hermit (5/2 Profile)

    • 8.15: Role Model Hermit (6/2 Profile)

    • 8.16: Role Model Martyr (6/3 Profile)

    • 8.17: Profiles Reference Material

    • 8.18: Module 8 Quiz

  • 11


    • 9.1: Deconditioning

  • 12


    • Integration Phase Instructions

    • Mock Reading #2

    • Practice Reading #2

    • Submit Self-Assessment Form

  • 13


    • 10.1: Introduction to Circuitry

    • 10.2: Individual Circuitry

    • 10.3: Collective Circuitry

    • 10.4: Tribal Circuitry

    • 10.5: Circuitry Reference Material

    • 10.6: Analyzing Circuitry

    • 10.7: Module 10 Quiz

  • 14

    MODULE #11: THE 64 GATES

    • 11.1: Introduction to Gates

    • 11.2: Gates in the Head Center

    • 11.3: Gates in the Ajna Center

    • 11.4: Gates in the Throat Center

    • 11.5: Gates in the G-Center

    • 11.6: Gates in the Heart Center

    • 11.7: Gates in the Sacral Center

    • 11.8: Gates in the Solar Plexus

    • 11.9: Gates in the Spleen Center

    • 11.10: Gates in the Root Center

    • 11.11: Role of the Planets

    • 11.12: Interpreting Lines of the Gates

    • 11.13: How to Interpret Gates

    • 11.14: Gates Reference Material

    • 11.15: Module 11 Activity

  • 15


    • 12.1: Introduction to Channels

    • 12.2: Channels in the Integration Channels

    • 12.3: Channels in the Individual Circuit

    • 12.4: Channels in the Collective Circuit

    • 12.5: Channels in the Tribal Circuit

    • 12.6: Channels Reference Material

    • 12.7: Module 12 Activity

  • 16


    • Integration Phase Instructions

    • Mock Reading #3

    • Practice Reading #3

    • Submit Self-Assessment Form

  • 17


    • 13.1: Energetic Connections

    • 13.2: Module 13 Quiz

  • 18


    • 14.1: Introduction to Incarnation Crosses

    • 14.2: The Four Quarters

    • 14.3: Incarnation Cross Analysis

    • 14.4: Soul Purpose Reading

    • 14.5: Module 14 Quiz

  • 19


    • 15.1: Introduction to Chart Synthesis

    • 15.2: How to Synthesize a Human Design Chart

  • 20


    • 16.1: Continuing Education in Human Design

    • 16.2: Using HD in Your Coaching Practice

  • 21


    • Integration Phase Instructions

    • Mock Reading #4

    • Practice Reading #4

    • Submit Self-Assessment Form

  • 22


    • Coaching Call #1 - August 5, 2021

    • Coaching Call #2 - August 19, 2021

    • Coaching Call #3 - September 2, 2021

    • Coaching Call #4 - September 23, 2021

    • Coaching Call #5 - October 7, 2021

    • Coaching Call #6 - October 21, 2021

    • Coaching Call #7 - November 3, 2021

    • Coaching Call #8 - November 17, 2021

What's Inside The Academy

  • Self-Paced Modules

    Get INSTANT ACCESS to 16 self-paced modules including 75+ video lessons with pdf slides around all the foundational components of Human Design, including progressive training to build the skills as a Human Design Reader and learn how to give empowering and impactful readings for your friends, family and clients.

  • Supplementary Learning Materials & Training Resources

    Supplement your learning with Quick Reference Guides, A Student Training Manual with written versions of the in-class material, as well as an accompanying Study Guide with a ton of study and reflection questions for each module to help you solidify your understanding of HD concepts.

  • Experiential Learning & Application

    Start applying what you’ve learned throughout the program, retain the information and build your HD Reader Skills through interactive graded quizzes, activities and practice readings. You'll also get to participate in facilitated group discussions to share and listen to your fellow classmates real-life Human Design experiences! AND we'll talk about how you can integrate HD into your existing business or practice so you hit the ground running.

  • HD Reader Starter Toolkit

    From reading outlines, sample scripts, cheat sheets and tip sheets - you’ll be ready and equipped to start giving readings and deliver them in a way that will leave your client feeling empowered, inspired and confident in taking the next steps on their most fulfilling path.

  • Soul-Aligned Community

    You’ll never be on this learning journey alone with LIFETIME ACCESS to the THDA Collective Facebook Community. Here you’ll be free to ask all of your questions between group coaching calls, have open discussions around everything Human Design and share your wins with your new Human Design Soul Tribe.

  • 2 Monthly Group Coaching Calls

    Deepen your learning with lifetime access to biweekly Group Coaching Calls hosted by Krystle & Iva during the length of the program. CALLS ARE A HYBRID OF Q&A AND MASTERMIND-STYLE GROUP DISCUSSION. This is where you get all your questions answered by Krystle & Iva, expand your understanding of HD through hearing your peers' interpretations and real life use cases. Each call has a different HD topic we'll explore in-depth.

So to summarize, you'll get:

  • Self-Paced eLearning Video Modules with PDF Slide Decks

  • Graded Quizzes, Interactive Activities and Practice Readings

  • THDA Reader Certification Student Manual and Study Guide

  • Quick Reference Guides

  • The 64 Gates Study Companion

  • HD Reader Starter Toolbox with Outlines, Checklists, Scripts & Cheat Sheets

  • Interactive Student Community

  • Exclusive Monthly Group Coaching Calls w/ Krystle & Iva

  • THDA Reader Certification Upon Completion

What makes The Human Design Academy's Reader Certification different?

It's the only interactive and immersive self-paced Human Design Reader Certification, with a skills-focused curriculum so that you progressively build the skills and the confidence to apply your knowledge in the real world.

This certification program was intentionally designed in collaboration with experienced learning experts and is backed by Educational Psychology to accommodate all learning styles. THDA brings you an experiential learning environment, all in the comfort of your own home, and most importantly - at your own pace.

We have integrated various opportunities for practical application (e.g. graded quizzes, interactive assignments, practice readings, supplementary study questions, etc.) throughout the curriculum, because we want to make sure that you're adequately supported throughout the program.

And last but not least, rather than learning all the knowledge over a span of months before even having the chance to do readings, you'll be giving practice readings as soon as the 5th module and progressively build your skills from there!

Did someone say BONUSES?!

In addition to the Self-Paced HD Reader Certification Course, I'm also going to be throwing in over $300+ worth of bonuses to help you take your own Human Design journey and practice to the next level.

  • Bonus #1: Pinpoint Your Magnetism Course by HD Biz Expert & Guest Coach, Iva Grcic

    In this value-packed course, you’ll learn how to leverage various aspects of HD & Astrology in your business to activate your magnetism and attract your most soul-aligned clients. Includes practical workbooks and supplementary resources to help you find other deeper clues to apply Human Design in your business, marketing and content creation.

  • Bonus #2: Human Design Blueprint Template (Value: $147 USD)

    You'll get your hands on the fully customizable Canva template I use for my clients, so that you can use to start building your very own branded Human Design blueprints for yourself, your family or as a special value-added touch for your clients!

  • Bonus #3: The Human Design Variables Course (Value: $249 USD)

    In this advanced course based on Ra's original lectures, you'll dive into the substructure of Human Design and learn more about the four arrows and transformations including topics such as determination, cognition, environment, perspective and motivation. Includes supplementary reference guides to help you better absorb the information and serve your clients.

Meet Your Instructor

Krystle Alfarero

Hi! I'm Krystle - your fun, friendly and down-to-earth 1/3 Splenic Projector - and I am sooo excited to guide you on this incredible learning journey.

After working with 100's of amazing soul clients from around the world, teaching 1000's on YouTube, and studying with a range of Human Design teachers and mentors (including Jenna Zoe and Chetan Parkyn to name a few) - I've found my own unique voice and style to share Human Design in a clear, easy-to-understand and empowering way... Just check out my YouTube Channel for a taste!

I can't wait to welcome you into the Academy, so that you can get your hands on all of the in-depth trainings and resources, meet your future HD tribe, discover your  unique HD voice and get all the support you need to start transforming lives with Human Design.

See you on the inside!

xo, Krystle

Here's what people also have to say about Krystle's teaching style...


Have a question before enrolling?

  • Will I get lifetime updates and access to the course?

    You will have "lifetime access" to course materials which is defined as the higher of: a minimum of 2 years or for the lifetime of the program (not your personal lifetime). In other words, you'll have access for long as we plan on offering the course, which we plan on doing for years to come! During this time, you will get access to all updated and added materials.

  • What makes THDA's Human Design Reader Certification different from other programs out there?

    THDA offers the only totally immersive self-paced Human Design Reader Certification, with high-touch support through our Group Coaching Calls and THDA Community, along with a skills-focused curriculum that allows you to progressively build the skills and the confidence to apply your knowledge in the real world. This program was also intentionally designed in collaboration with a very talented learning expert and is backed by Educational Psychology to accommodate all types of learners. THDA brings you an experiential learning environment, all in the comfort of your own home, and most importantly - at your own pace without sacrificing quality and the support you need to succeed as a Human Design Reader and Practitioner.

  • What are the benefits of self-paced training?

    With self-paced training, you can gain knowledge at a pace that is most suited for you - whether that’s binging through the material, or pausing and taking breaks to absorb the information! On top of that, you won't have to deal with set class times, so there will be need to worry about time zone differences and rearranging your entire schedule to attend fixed class times. You do the lessons when you want.

  • Who is self-paced training best suited for?

    You'll definitely benefit from self-paced training if you tend to get bored easily or lose focus during lecture or in-class training scenarios, you live anywhere in the world that is outside of the time-zone of your instructor, you want time flexibility to do your training so that you don’t need to rearrange your schedule, or you are an independent learner who prefers to go through information at their own pace.

  • Will I be ready to give readings as soon as I complete this certification?

    YES! In fact, you'll be giving practice readings before you even complete the certification. It's actually a requirement for certification, so you already have experience once you complete the course.

  • Why should I take a certification program to learn Human Design vs. remain self-taught?

    While there is so much information out there on the internet, using Human Design as an evolutionary tool to serve others is something that requires more than just textbook knowledge. It requires learning the skills to apply the knowledge, synthesize the various individual components and communicate the information in a clear and impactful way. Getting the support and insights from someone who is professionally trained and has worked with 100's of satisfied clients is something that no textbook can provide on its own, and can save you a lot of trouble having to figure everything out on your own. The learning journey doesn't have to be lonely, which is why I'm here to support you!

  • How long will it take to complete the course?

    This is entirely up to you! There are 16 self-paced modules with interactive activities and progressive practice readings at four different phases. If you are really dedicated (i.e. full-time study), you can get it done in as short as 2-3 weeks including integration if you do 1-2 modules per day. At a more moderate pace (i.e. part-time study), it should take closer to 3-4 months including integration if you do 1-2 modules per week. There will be suggested full-time and part-time study plans provided in the course.

  • When are the live group coaching calls and how do they work?

    The group coaching calls are a hybrid Q&A and integration discussion where we explore various Human Design topics, share our own experiences and listen to our peers. Through this experience you get to explore HD at the real-life level and add depth to your understanding beyond the books. The calls will be held twice monthly on Thursdays, with a rotating call schedule to accomodate the different time zones: Monthly Session #1 - 5am PST // 8am EST // 2pm CEST // 8pm AWST & Monthly Session #2 - 2pm PST // 5pm EST // 11pm CEST // 5am AWST. If you are unable to make these sessions, you'll be able to pre-submit any questions you have and all calls are recorded so you can catch up!

  • When does the course begin, and how long does this round last?

    Enrollment for the next round will start in April 2022, and we will start the program in May 2022! The live group coaching portion of this round will go on until mid-Sept. 2022 - however you will have continued access to course materials and the THDA Collective Community as this is still a self-paced learning program.

Still undecided?

This program is a perfect fit for you, if:

  • So you’ve recently discovered (or have been divinely guided back to) HD in the past year or so, and have already started going down the rabbit hole of books and free resources, but you are searching for more depth and structure.

  • You’ve already been experimenting with your own design for some time now, and would now like to use your knowledge and wisdom to start serving others.

  • You’re currently a coach or service-provider who is looking to add Human Design to your toolbelt to even better serve your clients because you know how transformative it has been for you and others.

  • You’re a Human Design enthusiast who wants to take their knowledge to the next level, deepen your own Human Design journey, and possibly even start your own Human Design business!

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